SEA Adventure by Hong Ray
Since the birth of our Adventure concept in 2016, we have explored countless hidden gems around Singapore with adventurous like-minded couples who don't mind getting dirty. Now we are going even further and taking far more risk

Behind the scenes
The background

I am a photographer but many of my friends know me as someone with many hobbist and interests. During my schooling day I remember one of my favourite subjects were Geography and science.. As a one man show my life can be exhausting at times and hence I took time off each week to be alone. I like to be quiet by myself, watching sunset beach as a way to destress from by busy work.. gradually I moved from sitting by the beach to floating on the sea and I basically fell in love with the experience, so much that I want my couples to experience it as well..

The Journey

SEA adventure, like our signature hidden gems adventure concept, is not supposed to feel like a photoshoot. It is about the journey of getting to the spots and experiencing them for the first time while having candid shots taken to document the process..

The kayak or equipment provided requires both of you to work together and paddle a few KM out to sea.

(This differs from a production set whereby the boatman and stylist are hired to decorate a nice boat and have the couple transported to the spot for posed shots )

I feel it is a fresh feeling when the couple can get to the destination all by their own sweat and hard work. It may feel like a marathon, especially when the tide and wind are against you, but once both of you accomplished this, it will be a story for you to tell your next generations.

The SEA adventure is not suitable for everyone, and that what makes it so special.



What you will experience

When you enter the water for the first time, I will give a quick safety briefing and lesson on essential paddling knowledge to help both of you get started. Every stroke of paddling will come with drops of seawater, therefore, do be prepared for wet clothes and body.

On the water, there are things we cannot control, such as how choppy the water is on the shoot day. During quick tide movement and stronger wind conditions, part of the journey may require more effort on everyone’s part. But if we perseverance we will reach the destination!

You may encounter swamps of fish surrounding your vessel, sometimes they jump out of water and land inside your vessel.


Is SEA Adventure suitable for you?

As mentioned above, there are many variables involved in planning a SEA adventure.. Unlike land whereby only the weather forecast needs to be checked. If you feel that both of you are up for the adventure, do drop me a message by Whatsapp (Button below) or email.

We will arrange for a client discovery studio meetup session to see if both of you qualify for it

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