Since the birth of our Adventure concept in 2016, we have explored countless hidden gems around Singapore with adventurous like-minded couples who don't mind getting dirty. Now we are going even further and taking far more risk


Before the pandemic, I used to do solo backpacking every 3 months as a way to relax and reward myself for the work done..

Over the past two years, being unable to travel, I started visiting beaches to watch the sunset after a long day of editing… I realize it’s just not possible to focus when there are so many people around me; whether it is in the Green Corridor or west coast park beach, evening time will always be crowded..

I wondered how it would be like to be able to be completely alone, floating freely on the open sea, with no eyes watching and no voices heard. I decided to buy a kayak, it was a real struggle at first because I had to conquer my fear of water since I can’t swim.. little by little, I went further and further from shore on every trip. Met many like-minded people in the journey and learned a lot from them about the sea..

The feeling I experienced doing it is the same, or better than my backpacking trips floating along fishing villages at Mekong Delta in Vietnam, or Sunrise at Bali’s Tamblingan Lake.. this is really a surreal feeling that I can’t describe in words.


I thought if I enjoyed the experience, surely like-minded adventurous couples will like it as well. In order to be able to shoot on water, it is no longer just about usual considerations like wet weather or timing for the best light.
It is also about the tide height, current, and wind conditions which can make a whole world of difference on the sea

It is 3-4x harder to shoot on the sea vs shooting on land. Can you imagine both of our vessels are floating away and changing direction every few seconds? the first few sessions were met with different struggles but I managed to slowly overcome each of them with solutions through experiences. Bringing couples out on the sea requires me to be an instructor in addition to being a photographer; multitasking and checking on the couple’s safety in addition to deciding on the angles and poses to shoot.

Being the first SUP Photographer in Singapore, there is no one to get advice from hence I really need to figure things out on my own, experiencing failures in the process.

I remember there was a period of time in the beginning when I realise I’m losing more than I could earn, either through damaged camera equipment or damages in vessels, or lost equipment. I almost wanted to give up this concept since it’s really hard and I could not even break even.

But I followed my core desires since starting out 13 years ago; ‘prioritizing what I love over profits’. I will be out paddling on the sea every week, whether or not I am hired as this is what I love deep down in my heart.

Being able to align my personal passion with my work is what made the SEA Adventure possible. I hope like-minded people will enjoy it as much as I do.


SEA adventure, like our signature hidden gems adventure concept, is not supposed to feel like a photo shoot. It is about the journey of getting to the spots and experiencing them for the first time while having candid shots taken to document the process..

The Paddleboard or Kayak provided requires both of you to work together and paddle a few KM out to sea.

(This differs from a styled shoot whereby the boatman and stylist are hired to decorate a rustic fishing boat and have the couple transported to the spot for bridal shots)

I feel it is a fresh feeling when the couple can get to the destination all by their own sweat and hard work. It may feel like a marathon, especially when the tide and wind are against you, but once both of you accomplished this, it will be a story for you to tell your next generations.

The SEA adventure is not for everyone, which is what makes it so special


When you enter the water for the first time, I will give a quick safety briefing on essential paddling knowledge to help both of you get started. You will be soaked with seawater in the process of paddling, depending on wind and tidal conditions as well. If you are looking for a dry and clean shoot, our SEA adventure sessions are not suitable for you.

On the water, there are things we cannot control, such as how choppy the water is on the shoot day. During quick tide movement and stronger wind conditions, part of the journey may require more effort on everyone’s part. But if we perseverance we will reach the destination!

You may encounter swamps of fish surrounding your vessel, sometimes they jump out of water and land inside your vessel.
Looking overhead you may witness the majestic sea eagle with its elegant wings flying down to catch a fish in the water, much like in the bird park, but this time 100% natural. There is no toilet and amenities since you will be visiting totally uncivilized parts of Singapore.

Couples need to be comfortable using the sea as their natural toilet; there is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s part of the experience.



This sea adventure is a new concept that I have worked very hard over 6 months to make happen…

Back in August 2021, I had a vision that I wanted to be the first Singapore wedding photographer to hold a camera, standing confidently on a paddleboard to do prewedding shoots. Because of this, I trained so hard by paddling a few times a week, both in dry and stormy weather, strong winds, and rough waves so that I can feel confident bringing couples out and ensuring their safety.


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