Since the birth of our Adventure concept in 2016, we have explored countless hidden gems around Singapore with adventurous like-minded couples who don't mind getting dirty. Now we are going even further and taking far more risk
Before the pandemic, solo backpacking was my way of unwinding and treating myself every three months. However, with travel restrictions in place, I found solace in watching sunsets at beaches after long editing sessions. Yet, the crowded atmosphere never allowed me the peace I craved. Yearning for true solitude, I embarked on a journey to the open sea, conquering my fear of water by purchasing a kayak. With each trip, I pushed myself further, encountering like-minded souls and learning about the sea's mysteries. The sense of freedom I experienced rivaled, if not surpassed, my adventures backpacking through the Mekong Delta or witnessing sunrise at Bali's Tamblingan Lake. It's a feeling beyond words. Believing that my adventurous couples would appreciate this experience, I ventured into shooting on water. But it wasn't just about mastering the usual photography challenges like weather and lighting; I had to cope with tides, currents, and winds that could change everything in an instant. Shooting on the sea is three to four times harder than on land. Picture our vessels drifting and turning constantly. In those early sessions, I faced numerous challenges, but with each obstacle, I found solutions through experience. In addition to capturing moments, I had to ensure the safety of the couples, multitasking as both photographer and instructor. As the first Standup paddle Photographer in Singapore, there was no roadmap to follow. I had to navigate uncharted waters, experiencing failures and setbacks along the way. At times, the costs outweighed the gains, and I contemplated giving up. Yet, I had this strong feeling that it would all work out in the end. For 14 years, I've prioritized passion over profit. Even if I'm not hired, I'll be out on the sea because it's where my heart belongs. Aligning passion with work has made the SEA Adventure possible, and I hope fellow adventurers will find as much joy in it as I do.
Embarking on a SEA Adventure isn't your typical photoshoot—it's a thrilling journey to uncover hidden treasures while capturing candid moments along the way. Picture yourselves paddling a paddleboard together, navigating the open sea to reach these remote spots. It's a test of teamwork and determination, with each stroke propelling you closer to your destination. Unlike styled shoots where everything is arranged for you (ie decorated fishing boat), our SEA Adventure is all about the raw experience. Battling against the elements—tides, winds, and sometimes even fatigue—you'll push your limits and forge unforgettable memories together. Sure, it may feel like a marathon, especially when nature throws challenges your way. But the sense of achievement when you finally arrive, having conquered the sea with your sweat and effort, is unparalleled. It's a story you'll proudly share with generations to come. This adventure isn't for everyone, and that's what makes it so extraordinary.
As you venture onto the water, I'll provide a brief safety talk to ensure you're comfortable with paddling basics. Depending on the wind and tides, expect to get splashed with seawater—our SEA adventure isn't for those seeking a dry, pristine experience. Out on the water, we're at the mercy of nature. Choppy conditions may require extra effort, but with perseverance, we'll reach our destination. You might even encounter playful fish leaping into your vessel or witness majestic sea eagles hunting for prey, offering a glimpse of nature's beauty in its purest form. Keep in mind, that our SEA adventure takes you to remote, uncivilized parts of Singapore with no amenities. Couples should be prepared to use the sea as a natural restroom—a small inconvenience for an unforgettable experience.
CHALLENGES making it possible
This sea adventure is the culmination of six months of relentless dedication and unwavering determination. In August 2021, a vision sparked within me—to become the first Singaporean prewedding photographer shooting while standing on top of a paddleboard. With this goal in mind, I embarked on rigorous training sessions, paddling through calm waters and stormy seas alike, braving strong winds and rough waves. Each trial strengthened my resolve and honed my skills, ensuring that I could confidently guide couples through their sea adventure while prioritizing their safety above all else.

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