Klenn & Uniss SEA Adventure
Our 4th SEA Adventure;  with Klenn & Uniss.. Initially the plan was to do an adventure shoot on land but when I shared about the new SEA adventure they immediately decided to do it.. Remember before this shoot I spent another 5 solo exploration trips doing site recce on this route to better understand the sea conditions and how the places are affected by lighting.. Very grateful that when I suggested a change in trip itinerary to them they accepted it without a second thought.. so at the end of the trip we were greeted with perfect sunset and backdrop that look like its taken overseas Some of the off the beaten path land spots will already get the couple dirty and sweaty, but sea adventure is 3x the effort and discomfort so before agreeing to bring the couple out to sea, I pointed out to them and made sure they are totally okay with things like being drenched with sea water, sore arms, sandfly bites and using the nature's toilet without feeling awkward etc.. Once out at sea, if they are suddenly faced with strong winds or tidal conditions, they have to padde really hard or risk being pushed to dangerous hazards.. Can't wait to share more new sea adventures in the coming weeks!

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