Happiness, love, fulfilment, gratefulness and other emotions are shown in candid photos that are taken by Hong Ray


HI THERE.. i'm hong ray
Thank you so much for being here.  Today, I couldn’t be more grateful, because I had the opportunity to create meaningful memories for so many couples over 14 years.

Adventure with Hong Ray

Dare to be different from mainstream Pre-wedding photography 
Explore Singapore’s unseen hidden gems for your prewedding.

What to expect:
Walking on slippery pipes | Wading muddy waters and long grass | Climbing rusty ladder abandoned for 50 years | Encounter strange creatures and insects along the way | You being a domestic tourist

SEA Adventure by Hong Ray

Experience even more secluded places that can’t be accessed by land. Places that your friends and wedding guests have not seen before.

What to expect:
Get out of your comfort zone and experience the deep open sea, by paddling to places otherwise inaccessible by land. Be splashed with mineral-filled seawater, and witness the strength of nature like an eagle diving down to grab a fish, shaken by strong waves and winds. You will get to experience the quietest sunset ever while floating on waters of unknown depth, far from everything else.

Hong Ray made the sea adventure session possible by combining his love for water sports, exploration, and photography. There will be an effort on both sides – photographer and both of you, but every challenge or hard work we face, is all part of the whole experience and we should embrace it. In the end, the photos that come out of it will turbocharged with lots of memories that you can share with your kids later on.

Family Relive Sessions

Have meaningful photos taken to remember you and your loved ones. All of you will never ever be back to the present age, and tomorrow will never look the same as today. If you take the time and effort to arrange a shoot like this, the photos we get will appreciate in value the longer time has passed. 

During the shoot, you will get an opportunity to relive happy memories or express gratitude to each other. It’s hard for normal people to say thank you on a day-to-day basis, but with prompts from the photographer, this will be a light-hearted opportunity.

  • Candid And Heartfelt Emotional Photography

    “The photos that Hong Ray took on my wedding day way exceeded my expectations! He was a joy to work with; humble, down-to-earth, and really put his heart into capturing beautiful moments (it’s evident from his photos). He captured a lot of heartfelt, emotional, and candid moments… I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the shots as I was not aware that he was taking them at all. If you’re a wedding couple looking for someone with a true passion for photography, I would highly recommend Hong Ray to you! Thanks, Hong Ray for the amazing shots! :)”

  • When we first saw Hong Ray’s works, we knew that he was the type of photographer we wanted for our special day. We wouldn’t wanna miss out having him to be our photographer and our decision to have him as our photographer was indeed one of the best choices we ever made.

    On the actual day of our wedding, Hong ray was very punctual. He naturally makes us feel at ease because he knew what were the best moments to capture without us knowing. This is one of the many talents he has.

    We just received the photos today and we are extremely pleased and delighted as the photos turned out really brilliant and natural.  Looking through the photos really brings back fond memories of our special day. Working alongside with him during our wedding prep was seamless. We loved his sincerity and commitment in his works and how he goes the
    extra mile to ensure that everything was in order before our big day.

    In a nutshell, we would say that he is very friendly, very reliable and very professional.  Will highly recommend to any couples out there wanting to do a wedding photoshoot! Thanks Hong Ray!

    Vincent & Jasmine

  • Humble, Professional And Passionate

    My husband and I got to know about Hong Rui through my husband’s friend as he was the wedding photographer for her wedding. We really liked how natural and soft/dreamy his photographs looked and we knew that he was the guy we wanted to engage as our AD photographer. He captures the essence of the event extremely well and all our friends and family loved the pictures he took. 🙂

    During the AD, we did not have to worry about the photography at all, as we left everything into his hands and to just let him do what he does best. My husband and I are really awkward in front of cameras but the photos which he took made us look otherwise hahaha. I suppose our ages being relatively near each other made it easier for us to communicate with him as well!

    Hong Rui is definitely passionate about his work, remains humble and takes it upon himself to improve his skills further. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a photographer for their events 🙂 Thank you for helping us capture the beautiful moments during our big day Hong Rui! ^^

    Jonathan & Ee Ning

  • We engaged Hongray’s photography service for our actual day wedding in November 2018. If you’re looking for someone to capture the emotions of the day, he is the person to go to. Hong Ray stands out as a humble, sincere guy who tells wonderful stories through his lenses. Amidst all that actual day wedding frenzy, he managed to capture so many special moments that we did not even notice on the day itself, only to make our hearts swell with warmth when we look back at them months later. He is also super versatile and easy to work with considering he had to fight for good angles with three other videographers present that day, just to capture those amazing shots. All in all, very pleased and grateful for his work. Highly recommend!

    Kenneth & Jennessa

  • I first saw Hong Ray’s work at a wedding show by Hitcheed. After talking looking through his work and talking to him, I know that he’s the PG that I would like to have for both my casual shoot and wedding AD. I’m really impressed by his ability to capture the genuine emotions of people that matter to me. His pictures will definitely allow me to remember those precious moments shared with my family and friends on the actual day. He also makes us feel really comfortable throughout the day.

    During the adventure shoot, it rained halfway, though it’s just 3hr. He did not purposely push through it just to complete the work, instead, he offered to do a separate 1hr shoot for us in another location of our choice. And one of my favourite photos came from that shoot. His dedication to his work is admirable, and with his commitment to producing good work, he wouldn’t disappoint. He not only took nice photos for us, most importantly he created nice memories for both my Husband and me by bringing us to the less visited places in Singapore.

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone, and that I’m confident he will get the job done well! 👏🏼 Thank you for everything! 😊

    David & Guiping

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