FAMILY RELIVE Session by Hong Ray

Our 'Relive sessions' are for people who treasure the precious time they spend together as a family and wish to have some meaningful portraits taken to remember the present stage of their lives.

The Story behind

Being a photographer since 18 years old, I have photographed many families.

Remember there was a period in time that I honestly dislike doing family shoots;
it just felt boring to take group photos of people posing for the camera. Because it felt so draining to me, I stopped doing it.

A year ago I started to begin family shoots again, but this time I decided to do it in a way that aligns with my passion for candid photos.

Using the same way of shooting my adventure sessions with couples, I am able to make my families less tense and open up to genuine candid shots between each other.

The family sessions are called “Relive Sessions”

Document the present, Relive the past

Document their growing up years
Let them look back at how they were raised by Dad & Mum
20 years later, if they happen to quarrel, remind them they are brothers for life
In future when they start their own families and moved out, remind them to return the love and care given upon them when they enter this world…
A day to document this milestone in your life and also to express your gratitude to the ones who made it possible for you
Document the transition from Boy to Man
Handwritten letter to your Dad, thanking him for all the struggles bringing you up to get to where you are now
What is Family Relive Session

The “Relive sessions” by Hong Ray are for families who treasure the time being together.
It is not a portrait session of everyone looking at the camera, intentionally standing in a stiff manner to look glamorous.

In addition to easy and relaxed group photos of different combinations, the majority of the photographs will be candid and unposed. As a photographer, I will guide you and your family in the process, to be less tense, be yourselves and open up to each other for meaningful candid shots.

Candid photographs of genuine love, appreciation, and life will be meaningful 50 years down the road, compared to traditional portraits of yesteryears. Each candid shot we create will hold a special memory and meaning, which I hope will become priceless long after the shoot is done.

Knowing that the images taken will be remembered by the families for a lifetime, I felt like this is the most meaningful job in the world, and as a photographer, it’s my job to do it well.

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