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About our ID Photo Service

A well-taken passport or NRIC photo is beneficial for you because

  1. It will be printed on your passport for the next 5 years, and every time you travel with your friends, the first thing they will look is your photo. 
    If it is for NRIC photo, every person’s lifetime, they will only have the chance to hold three ICs, at the age of 15, 30 and 55. Which means the photo follows you for 15-25 years. At the age of 55, you renew the final NRIC which will follow you for life. 
  2. A properly taken photo that follows all Singapore ICA requirements will be approved earlier, saving you time
  3. Just like any photo you keep, you like to look your best and not treat it as just a typical shoot to get done with. It is important that you feel good when looking at your own photo, knowing that it shows the best of you. Looking at a nice photo changes how you feel about yourselves, and could also lift your moods.


Our advantage

  1. Our passport shoot is done by a full-time studio photographer, unlike shop assistants or cashiers in HDB printing shops.
  2. We will take multiple shots, let you check, and make sure you are happy before we end the session.
    If you have special requirements (ie brightening of faces etc) we will be able to do express editing on the spot for you. So no more feeling embarrassed when looking at your own passport or NRIC photos!
    If you have personal concerns or insecurities when taking photos (ie double chin, facial scars, age etc), just let us know and we will guide you during the shoot to look good.
  3. You will leave our studio with the hard copy prints and digital copies emailed to you, and you can start the application process immediately, no returning to the studio required.
  4. Satisfaction guaranteed
    – If your application is rejected due to photo requirements, we will do a reshoot for you at no additional costs
  5. You may rest and relax at our private studio space, continue working on your phone while waiting for the photo to be ready.


About photo requirements:

In addition to the standard specifications of Singapore ICA for passport and VISA, we are also able to shoot and print the image following requirements of other countries including Canada, India, Korean, Japan etc. 


If you are intending to do a shoot for corporate purposes like a job application resume, Linked In, presentation, magazine articles, you may choose between our ID Photo package here or the premium Corporate Headshot Packages for a more professional appearance. The difference is that corporate headshots are shot with a different style with more variety of poses, facial expression and lighting instead of a flat neutral expression photo like an ID shot.



Additional notes:

Malaysia passport photo services are unavailable due to a fault with their immigration website upload mechanism.

  • Passport, NRIC & Visa Photography

  • 60

    $20 minute express service
  • Shot by professional photographer
  • Multiple shots will be taken for you to choose the best image
  • Free light editing available on request
  • Full resolution Digital Copy by email
  • 8 x Passport size photos cutted to specifications
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Private chill studio environment


Private bathroom access
Private outdoor balcony access
Air-conditioned unit
Cozy decorated with fairy light setups
Free Internet access
Dedicated makeup area
Directly beside lift for easy access
Ample parking lots at all timings

We open till late (12am), by appointment only

Shoots done by appointment only - Book a slot now before coming

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Midview Building
50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #06-29
Singapore 659578

Direct bus 189 to our doorstep from Bukit Batok MRT and Clementi MRT.
We are available for shoots up to Midnight timing, by appointment only

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