Unexpected Surprise Proposal at Singapore secret beaches
Clement reached out to plan a surprise proposal somewhere unconventional and quiet.. During our meetup, his initial plan was to hire someone to decorate a spot and bring his girlfriend over..
We went through a lot of ideas and decided on SEA Adventure because he wanted something more memorable and different from the majority. On that day, I was supposed to pretend I'm a kayaking instructor, bringing them on a tour.. I have this huge 20kg bag on my board with camera equipment and stuff inside; luckily she didn't ask me what's inside as im bad at making up stories LOL.. After some paddling, we arrived at the secluded shore.. i then took out my camera and said I will shoot some pics 'for portfolio'.. Hannah didn't suspect yet which is good.. she was busy taking photos like a tourist. Clement suddenly proposed to Hannah when I hinted its the right spot... the fact that she broke into tears means she didn't suspect anything at all haha and our mission was a success =) On our way back, I remember watching a patch of the heavy storm heading towards our path back.. and we had to race against time to cross the open sea before the storm hits for safety.. We made it back safely and everything went as planned.. While SEA adventure itself is already challenging enough, the added proposal segment adds even more stress to me because I have the responsibility to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible so that they have a good memory of their proposal to remember for life 🙂

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