Singapore Secluded Shipyard Prewedding
Exploring the unseen shipyard with Jiahui & Jovita.. Always loved engineering and the rustic industrial vibe since young... It's like a dream come true being able to shoot up close with those majestic machineries haha.. A few days before the shoot, I asked which spot they like to go to, they just said "you tell us which one you got feels to try... we follow you... you must go to a place where you got feels then when you take photos will be happier.." So they agreed to be my first couple doing this route.. the challenge we faced with this trip is different from my usual ones out in the open sea; there were no strong winds or currents, but we have to be wary of the heavy vessel traffic there.. One of my fav shots were those shot on our way back during twilight.. it looks like we paddled through some war scenes in the movies

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