Wei Kiat & Shar - Exploring the most secluded river in Singapore
Exploring this secluded "Lone River" with Wei Kiat & Shar.. Like on land, I like to keep exploring new places and making them into a spot.. for sea adventures its riskier, especially for unknown places, because noone else has paddled here before, and there could be crocs or danger below those murky waters =]   Nonetheless, this is the most chill route out of all the sea spots, with no currents and waves to worry about.. In my IG profile, I label myself a tour guide because I really feel like I'm bringing the couples on a tour every time.. We spend the last couple of minutes in silence, feeling the fullness of nature in the dark. Recently on TikTok there are a lot of videos about "Money can be earned back but I will never be x age to do x thing again.." I feel that it's very true; I don't want to be like working so hard every day, filling my schedules to the brim. Because of doing that I may be rich when I'm old, but I may not have the energy to do the things I can enjoy now...

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