Justin & Rosie
This is the second shoot since adding SUP to our fleet for sea adventures.. Thanks, @hereisyingying for your support; being in the acting industry you must have known many photographers, and I'm very grateful you decided to approach me to do this shoot for your two best friends.. Time flies this is already the 6th adventure on the sea.. we ventured deeper into forests and rivers were all we could hear were just Kingfishers chirping and otters jumping into the waters.. for the shoot I brought out the longest board I have, almost 4 meters in length! it was challenging for the couple because they had to maneuver between trees like its a driving test circuit =) Controlling a paddleboard is very different from kayaking and therefore they had to learn new skills on the spot 😛 Minutes before dusk, the winds calmed a bit so we ventured further out to sea in time to catch the sunset by a lone kelong.. despite being there countless times (from my own solo paddling trips), I still never get bored of how surreal it feels to witness the sunset behind the wooden structures.. its the exact same experience, or better than my backpacking trips to Myanmar and Vietnam before covid

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