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Working at the same weddings with friends we know is one of the things I love. I always recall going through the itinerary sent by the couple, and suddenly realised I’m shooting the same wedding as xxx. The thought of waking up early and 10 hours of the hard word immediately dissipated. A wedding instantly turns into a friends meetup.

On the wedding day itself, there are many instances that we help each other by making sure that we don’t block each other. We take turns to shoot at a spot and also reminded each other about any sudden program changes. When the vendors are having a stress free time, you can rest assured that we can produce even better works. I recall a time just seconds before the march in when my memory card suddenly hang.

I told the videographer that was just next to me and he immediately ran to his bag to pick up his card because he has a second shooter to cover it. Another time, one of the videographer’s camera also suddenly hang moment before the march in. I had 2 cameras on my shoulder so I quickly disconnected one of it and lend it to him to capture that crucial moment.


  • CNY 2020 Industry Potluck Party at our Studio
  • Attending workshop at Bali with Freyafilms 2019
  • Wedding Day at Chjimes with Substance Films
  • Prewedding shoot at Bali with Freyafilms
  • Wedding Day with Freyafilms
  • CNY Gathering
  • End of Wedding Day shoot with Substance Films
  • Beer catchup with Sense Gallery and Vince Seow Photo
  • Dinner catchup with HappyPhotoPeople, Cepheus Photography & Ms Makeup SG

All signups between partnering vendors must be made within two weeks for the discounts to be valid.

Kindly verify with us before confirmation to ensure that the perks are up to date. Because vendors often update rate cards and perks periodically.

Watch our BTS with Industry friends

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