Gerald & Sophia Adventure
Gerald & Sophia // Adventure to the 'Grand Canyon' So much fun for all of us.. Every once in a while there is a shoot that excites me, it's when there's an opportunity to shoot at a new location.. Gerald and Sophia just came for the shoot without any expectations on what they wanted the shoot to be like, I suggested new spots to them without having any portfolios to show because they will be the first couple, and they quickly said yes like they fully trust my suggestion.. on the shoot itself it totally feels like we are all exploring together as friends.. fun and stressfree from start to end  =) Today, after 6 months of contemplating, I decided to make the difficult decision to stop accepting new gown/suit shoots for my adventure sessions. The majority of my hidden gems are off the beaten path, which means to access them we may need to hike through thick bushes, submerged muddy grounds, or climbing on steep slopes with both hands and feet or underground passageways to reach.. Wearing a gown can turn an adventure into frustration her gown gets stuck in roots, or when the groom's suit is drenched with sweat. As an adventure photographer, I feel the purpose is to bring my couples to explore new places and at the same time have some simple posed and candid shots taken of them, documenting their experience of the trip. To do it they have to feel comfortable with casual clothes, and the photo has to make sense if not it will just look like a staged photo shoot... noone will go hiking the forest in formal attire right haha I know this decision will filter off a portion of my market and income, but this is a decision I had to make if I want to have a consistent style and to do the things that fully align with my passion... Listened to the @litolabs podcast, and they shared about being selective in doing the things you truly enjoy. I find my joy in shooting people who are free and easy, like Gerald and Sophia... Even if this kind of couple represents only 1% of couples in Singapore, it is alright as I will be a happier person than shooting what the majority likes, and result in a life that feels more like work. Feel like a burden is off my chest with post 😌

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