Stanley & Amanda Adventure
Exploring the 'Abandoned Yard' with Stanley and Amanda.. Although recently I focused more effort on my SEA Adventures, I have not given up on exploring new hidden gems on land.. some of my adventurous couples are non-swimmers hence paddling sessions won't be suitable for them. Every once in a while I cross paths with hidden gem explorers like me, they spend their weekends hiking into the hidden parts of Singapore.. some of these places I haven't even explored myself.. so they become my tour guide instead of the other way around. Both of them met each other through their common interest in exploring abandoned places.. therefore the best way to have their couple shoot is to document their journey exploring together... This was one of the unique times I shoot at a new spot with no site recce; this means when we reach the location, I have just a few seconds to scan for angles, observe the lighting, and had quickly decided how to shoot them.. the feeling on my end was like full-fledged excitement as if I'm part of a tour group! Remember that day the surge of excitement caused me to forget the insect repellent.. all of us were constantly beaten by mosquitos on every bare skin.. can you imagine we all had to scratch our skin nonstop every 15 secs.. I was looking at both of them suffering from the bites, but I really respect that they did not even show any intention of completing the shoot quickly to escape from the mosquitos.. In the past when I was shooting for the mass market, there would be some that have a mood swing whenever an issue happens (ie outfits stained by mud, a scratch on a finger etc..) but now my couples are in good alignment in the way we think. When things like insect bites or even a bleeding injury from a collapsing broken ladder happen, all of us simply laugh it out and take it as part of the adventure experience.. a shift in mindset can make such a big difference in the whole experience for all of us..

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