Rustic style

Photography Studio Rental

Near Clementi & Bukit Batok

Studio with lighting equipment

1 hour $100
2 hour $180
Subsequent hours $80 per hr

  1. Includes use of backdrops
    (Paper white, Paper Black, Paper Blue, Pattern light/dark Grey Muslin Cloth:
    *up to one choice of background paper per hour of studio booking (additional cost applies otherwise).
  2. Includes lighting equipment: 
2x 500watts strobe (Beauty Dish, Standard and Strip softbox)
  3. Private bathroom for changing
  4. Space for makeup
  5. Various stools
  6. Small Rustic Props (ie plants) can be borrowed for shoots
  7. Private Outdoor Balcony access for chilling around, natural light flat-lay shoots and suitable for smokers
  8. Professional Photographer can offer free guidance on lighting and studio techniques if he is available.
  9. Optional rental of camera and lenses so that you can have what you need to fulfil the project requirements
Camera and Lens for Rental

If you need a camera and specific lenses to fulfil your project requirements, below are the special rental rates for usage at our studio throughout the studio booking.


  1. Canon 6D 20 megapixels Full frame Camera $20
  2. Canon 5D Mark III Full frame Camera $30
  3. Canon 24-105mm F4 lens $10
  4. Canon 50mm F1.2L $18
  5. Canon 135mm F2L $18
  6. Canon 70-200mm F4L $18
  7. Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro $18
  8. Canon 8-15mmL Fisheye $28
  9. Professional Cinematic HD Projector $50 for 2 hours
  10. Fog Machine $30 for 2 hours

    The above lenses are suitable for professional studio portrait and product photography


What are the payment terms

Paynow Transfer, bank transfer and cash at the end of rental.

Fees for extensions

Extensions are only allowed if there are no other bookings after your slot. Rates will be charged per 30minute or part of, based on the same rental rates

I never shot in a studio before and am a little worried

If the professional photographer is around and available, he can offer guidance and advice on lightings and photography techniques to help you get started, at no additional cost.

What if I am late?

If you are late, the rental duration will start no more than 15minutes after the scheduled rental timing. For example if you booked 3pm-5pm, and arrived at 3.30pm, you will be entitled to shoot up to 5.15pm

Setup and Teardown

Please allocate sufficient time for your own setup, test shots and tear down before and after the shoot.
If you are unfamiliar with studio photography, it is suggested that you book at least 15-30mins earlier than your actual shoot time to do your own test shots and equipment setups. Most photographers allocate 15-20mins after the shoot to do teardown and clear the space. 

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