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THE VIBE space

Intimate Wedidng & Party Venue

about you

You love chill & YOLO vibe.

You are genuinely thankful for the friendships forged over the years and cherish every one of them.

You are planning an intimate gathering for friends and families that matters most in your life,  not about filling up the list.

A dark warm cozy ambiance for your event sounds perfect to you

You are a fan of nature and night breeze

You have smoker friends and like them to enjoy too.

You are don’t care about the pool table, games station, etc:
spending quality time with your friends is what matters

about the owner

I am a hands-on person and I love to build things
Whenever I see something I like, I will figure out a way to make it happen on my own

When I set up this space from scratch, the inspiration came from a few things I love:
The villa I stayed in Bali inspired me to build a mini forest at my lawn
Hotels toilets inspired me to add music into my toilet.
Wedding Venues (Since I’m a photographer) inspired me to decorate the ceiling with 350 metres of fairy lights.

initially, I would invite my friends to catch up and talk about life over beer.

After hosting a few larger friends gatherings:

Some suggested the idea of opening up space for rental

By word of mouth, it became one of the choices for teenagers and young adults in less than 6 month

Everyone seemed to like the clutter filled industrial party vibe here


because everything here is DIY built,

The VIBE Space is different from the rest.

Phase Two Wedding Events
 Solemnization and Wedding Gathering (Up to 20 pax)
Other Gatherings (Birthday, Friends Reunion, etc) : Up to 5 pax

Outdoor Chill out Balcony

Enjoy the night breeze while having a cigarette at our Bali themed garden  

Two Signature Lighting themes

Signature Nightlife Mood
- Feels like partying at Zouk
- Smoke machine, 3D Laser projection, Moving heads, Disco mood lights, Strobes, UV Floodlight,
Heartwarming Mood
- Feels like in an intimate cafe wedding
- Carpet of fairy lights on the ceiling, warm lights at various parts of the room.

Photo studio backdrop

Save the trouble to buy or rent the backdrop system; simply bring your own decors to stick on our large 2.8m width cloth

Sounds like concert

We appreciate high-quality audio and thus invested on similar speakers used by churches so you can enjoy the same warm experience.
*To prevent accidental damage, all music to be played through our computers via Spotify.
By logging in to your own account, you will be able to control the playback via your phone directly.

Wireless Microphones 

- Thank your closest friends who have influenced your life in one way or another
- Add energy to your games

Movable furnitures

Rearrange some of them to your own liking
- Various tables (3 x rectangular + 2 x square) - Various seating (Stools, chairs, sofa etc approx 35pc)

Right beside cargo & passenger lift

Your helper friends and vendors will be pleased because they don't have to carry a heavy load

Free flow Lipton International Blend Tea

Antioxidants from teas may reduce the adverse effects of alcohol consumption for your friends

In-house washroom

a few seconds away. it smells like hotel here too with our aroma machines

24 hours parking

Your event can start late and end in the wee hours if you guys are the nightlife crowd

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The VIBE Space

House rules to follow

so that everyone is happy with no misunderstandings

To prevent misunderstandings, we have highlighted the house rules below. We understand that most of you may be hosting your 18th birthday for the first time and this could be the first time you booked a venue. Therefore it is important to read and understand the points below before booking our space.

Please read the T&C on below carefully. Any breach will result in forfeiture of deposit OR the request to leave the premises immediately without refund.

Terms and conditions

Read house rules here

Smoking (or e-cigarette/shisha)

Smoking is allowed at our outdoor balcony only Not allowed:  Inside our unit, our toilet or any other parts of the building. There are many security cameras around the building and the guard may impose smoking penalties when caught.

Use of our Sound System You may enjoy our speakers as a bonus under the following conditions;

In order to protect our sound system from accidental damage All music to play through our computer only, through Spotify

(Log in to your own account and you can use your phone's Spotify app to control the playback). External connections are strictly not allowed.

You may bring along your own speakers if you wish to play other non-Spotify audio. Please inform us if you like to have microphones prepared for the event.


Volume restriction & No rowdy behaviour

To be considerate to other operators in the building working day and night shifts, all event participants are required to adhere to the volume rules below

8am-7pm Normal volume [Starbucks]

7pm-11.30pm Moderate volume allowed [Restaurant Bar]

11.30pm onwards: Keep voices and music levels down [Starbucks]


We reserve the right to decide the max speaker volume and guests are not allowed to adjust any of the audio, lighting or smoke machine equipment themselves.

No excessively loud music, shouting or rowdy behaviour.  The acceptable noise level is stated above.


Alcohol Safety Kindly take care of the alcohol intake of everyone.  The client/organiser is responsible to ensure no violence, damages or inconvenience caused by drunk guests. No underage drinking.

Vomiting Fee Vomiting of drunk guests within our premise (including toilet, balcony or corridor) is charged at a fee of $50 per incident on top of cleaning fee; To prevent this, assign a non-drinker to monitor the guest's well-being, or send the person home early.

*Take note that drunk guests loitering or sitting at the corridor area may trigger an investigation by the building security office.

Police or Security officer survey

Keep all activities within the unit ONLY without accessing other parts of the building. If a complaint due to excessive noise or trespassing is surfaced, or if the police are activated to survey, your full deposit will be forfeited.

  Do the right thing No sexual activities, drugs, underage drinking or any illegal activities.

Safety and Wellbeing The Owner (The VIBE Space) is not liable for any harm to any person’s health, property or state while on-premises. Due to the equipment and shelving in our studio, some parts may be unstable; kindly ensure children don't run around, knock onto items and cause injury.

Furniture available for usage

If you need furniture like tables and chairs, we can lend you at no additional fees. Do inform us 2 days before, so that we can bring them out from storage.

Furniture like tables and chairs will be placed at the side of the room by default, setting up and laying out of furniture is to be done by the client based on their own event requirements. We have approx 35 chairs, 2 rectangles (120x60cm) and 2 cafe square table (60x60cm) available for your usage

Decorating the place

For decorating the place or hanging of signs, please do not use strong mounting tapes, nails, glue or any form of adhesive that will be difficult to remove or damage the surfaces. Paper masking tapes is recommended.

Take good care of all equipment Please take good care of all equipment and space, leaving it in the same condition as when you have entered. The client acknowledges liability for any damage to equipment, furnishings, and any other property, excluding damage due to normal wear and tear. Organiser agrees to pay the cost to repair or replace (at full replacement cost) the damaged property, at the discretion of the Company.

Please throw all trash into the dustbin bin provided and avoid bringing any food items with a strong scent (eg durians). Footwear is not permitted all times. Please remove your shoes outside the entrance. 

Fire safety No flammable materials or burning Exception: Birthday Cake candles & Warmers used for buffet catering placed outside our corridor Care should be taken to ensure they don't pose any danger or damage to our property (ie walls and tables)


Event Teardown & Cleanup Do allocate sufficient time before the end time to do pack up and basic cleanup Most organisers start cleaning up 30mins before the end time with the help from their friends

Basic cleaning is required after use, or a cleaning fee might be imposed. Trash must be double bagged and can be left at the central bin station beside our entrance.

Basic cleaning comprises of  (a) bag all trash, (b) return all equipment to their original positions, (c) wipe down tables with food stain or spills.

If the floor is dirty due to food and liquid consumption, mud stains, or any other introduced debris, please use a mop or broom to clean up.  Leaky trash bags may cause additional cleaning fees to be imposed.

A cleaning fee of $60 onwards is chargeable if space is left dirty (eg vomit, drink spills/alcohol/ food, confetti, stains, broken glass etc). Please return the space in the same way it was like when you enter.

Cooling your drinks

The fridge is not available for usage. Do bring along cooler box and ice if you wish to cool your own drinks.


The premise is under full CCTV surveillance to support booking timings and security.

On-site event personnel

There will be personnel on-site at all times to facilitate the booking and the client is not allowed to use the space without his/her presence. He will be the sound, smoke machine and lighting controller. Please feel free to approach him/her if you need any help or assistance during the event.

Terms for the Organiser

Grace Period: 10 minutes before and after booking time.

The duration includes your set-up and tear-down timing. For example, If the booking timing is 6-11pm, you may arrive at 5.50pm to do decoration and setups, and vacate the venue by 11.10pm. External caterers may do setup outside the corridor up to 30 minutes before start time.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

The Deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the Client. Booking date can be changed once with a minimum of 14 days notice, subject to availability. Less than 14 days will be treated as a cancellation because we have blocked out the slot for you. If a new date is not available, the existing deposit will be kept as credit for future bookings (Up to 9 months from the original date)

Payment Terms

Booking Deposit: 50% of the rental rate Balance amount payable on event day, before the start of the event.

All bookings require a $150 security deposit, refundable upon good care of all equipment and space cleanliness. The deposit will be refunded within 2 working days after the event. We will check and verify the condition of all property on the next working day


External Catering is allowed

The caterer may use cargo lift located directly outside our corridor for loading and unloading. Do inform the caterer finish teardown of the items before end of event timing.


Preferred Lighting theme

Please inform us which themed lightings you would like to have so that we can do setup beforehand.


Extension of duration on the event day

In the event that you might want to extend your hours, please check with the person on-premises for availability. Additional hours are charged by the hourly rates listed at the time of booking. Extensions due to delayed teardown/cleanup are charged at 30-minute intervals and deducted from the security deposit.


In case of inclement weather and the outdoor space cannot be used, there will not be any refunds.

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