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THE VIBE space
one of a kind intimate party venue

Here are the packages for the various type of space rental services we offer
Let us know if you have any custom requirements for your event too!

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To Chill and Rebuild Friendships
*for friends get-together sessions, hens parties, friends reunion, proposals, birthday and other celebrations
up to 40 pax

– Usage of space (indoor and balcony)
– Usage of in-house mood and party lights (strobes, color lamps, UV and smoke machine)*
– Professional grade audio system for music playback
– Wireless Microphones for speeches
– Various chairs, stools, sofas, tables (Approx 25-30 available)
– Smokers facilities at private garden themed balcony
– Bathtub located at Balcony can be used for decoration and cold drinks placement
– In-house washroom
– Outside catering allowed at our corridor

Optional Add ons:
Full HD Cinema Grade Projector $55 for up to 4 hours, $85 for up to 8 hours

Weekday (Mon-Thur)

3 hours $260
4 hours $300
5 hours $375
6 hours $450
7 hours $525
$70 per additional hour thereafter

Weekend (Fri-Sun)
or Public Holidays/eve of PH

3 hours $300
4 hours $360
5 hours $450
6 hours $540
7 hours $630
$80 per additional hour thereafter

10mins grace period before and after booking timing, setup and teardown time is part of the duration
Space available for usage up to 3am* subjected to availability


To Learn and Grow together
*for casual workshops, seminars and networking events of up to 40 pax

– Usage of space (indoor and balcony)
– Professional Sound system for background music
– Microphones available on request
– Various chairs, stools, sofas, tables (Approx 25-30 available)
– Outside catering allowed
– Free mineral water

Optional Add ons:
Full HD Cinema Projector $50 for up to 4 hours, $80 for up to 8 hours

Weekday (Mon-Thur)

3 hours $220
4 hours $280
5 hours $350
6 hours $430
7 hours $500
$70 per additional hour thereafter

Weekend (Fri-Sun)
or Public Holidays/eve of PH

3 hours $270
4 hours $360
5 hours $450
6 hours $540
7 hours $630
$80 per additional hour thereafter

BTS of our recent gathering

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  1. Private outdoor balcony for your guests to take a break or have a cigarette
  2. Air-conditioned unit
  3. Cozy decorated with fairy light setups and warm mood lightings
  4. Colorful mood and party vibe lighting setups available on request
  5. Free usage of smoke machine (for light misty feel)
  6. Professional grade sound system* [for spotify playback through our pc and microphones only]
  7. Free Internet access
  8. Directly beside passenger and cargo lift for easy access and loading by your caterers
  9. Ample parking lots at all timings (24 hours access)
  10. We allow food setup by external catering vendors

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Studio Address:
Midview Building
50 Bukit Batok Street 23

  • By appointment only; call or WhatsApp us to check for availability.
Fine print and important rules

Terms & Conditions

Please read the T&C on below carefully. Any breach will result in deposit confiscated OR the request to leave the premises immediately without refund.


Terms and conditions

  1. There is a 10-min grace period before and after your confirmed timing. The duration includes your set-up and tear-down timing. If you arranged for external catering, they can only start setup during the grace period

  2. Deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the Client.  Booking date can be changed once with a minimum of 5 days notice, subject to availability. If a new date is not available, the existing deposit will be kept as credit for future bookings.
  1. In the event that you might want to extend your hours, please check with the person on-premises for availability. Additional hours are charged by the hourly rates listed.

  2. Please take good care of all equipment and space, leaving it in the same condition as when you have entered. 
  3. Please throw all trash into the dustbin bin provided and avoid bringing any food items with a strong scent. 
  1. Footwear is not permitted all times. Please remove your shoes outside the entrance. 

      7. In case of inclement weather and the outdoor balcony space cannot be used, there will not be any refunds. 

  1. No flammable materials or burning to be done on-premise. With exception to the warmers used for full buffet set-ups. Care should be taken to ensure they don’t pose any danger or damage to our property (ie walls and tables) 
  2. External catering is allowed, the caterer may use cargo lift located directly outside our venue for loading and unloading. Please ensure the caterer finish teardown of the items before end of event timing.

The fridge is not available for usage as we have our own items. Do bring along cooler box and ice if you wish to cool your own drinks.

  1. Smoking allowed at the outdoor balcony, with use of ashtrays provided. No smoking indoors and in the toilet, as well as our entrance corridor. 
  2. The Owner (The Vibe) is not liable for any harm to any person’s health, property or state while on-premises. Due to the equipment and shelving in our studio, some parts may be unstable; do to ensure children don’t run around, knock onto items and cause injury.

  3. The premises are under full CCTV surveillance to support booking timings and security. 
  4. Professional Sound system can be provided as a bonus under the following conditions; 

All music to play through our computer only, through Spotify

(Log in to your own account and you can use your phone to control the playback).

In order to protect our sound system from accidental damage, external connections are strictly not allowed.


You may bring along your own speakers if you wish to play other non-Spotify audio. 

Please inform us if you like to have microphones prepared for the event. Take care not to shout into the microphones to avoid damages to our sound system..


Volume restriction (Speaker and voices levels)

All event participants are required to follow the following volume rules because we have other neighbour offices operating during office hours and night time.


8am-7pm Soft volume allowed

7pm-11pm Medium Volume allowed

11pm onwards: All noise levels to be reduced to soft

Our inhouse personnel reserve the right to decide the max speaker volume and guests are

not allowed to change the computer/speaker/subwoofer adjustments themselves.


  1. Please inform us if you like to have party lighting setups (laser, spotlights, strobes) turned on prior to the event. Smoke machines can be provided for light fog effect, subjected to availability.

  2. Kindly take care of the alcohol intake of everyone.  The client is responsible to ensure no violence, shouting, damages or inconvenience caused by drunk guests. 

Vomiting of drunk guests within our premise or corridor is charged at a fee of $50 per incident on top of cleaning fee; To prevent this, assist the unwell guest via the lift located outside at our entrance, to level 2 outdoor area, or send the person home early.

  1. If you need furniture like table and chairs, we can lend you at no additional fees. Do inform us 2 days before, so that we can bring them out from storage. 

Setting up and laying out of furnitures is to be done by the client based on their own event requirements.

We have approx 30 chairs, 2 rectangle and 2 cafe square table available for your usage

  1. A cleaning fee of $30 onwards is chargeable if space is left dirty (ie vomit, drink spills/alcohol/ food, confetti, stains, broken glass etc). Please return the space in the same way it was like when you enter.

Broom and mop are available for your own cleanups before you leave the premise.

  1. The client acknowledges liability for any damage to equipment, furnishings, and any other property, excluding damage due to normal wear and tear. Organiser agrees to pay the cost to repair or replace (at full replacement cost) the damaged property, at the discretion of the Company.
  1. All bookings require an $80 security deposit, refundable upon good care of all equipment and space cleanliness. The deposit will be refunded within 2 working days after the event. We will check and verify the condition of all property on the next working day 
  1. The on-site personnel will be at the computer desk at all times to facilitate the booking and the client is not allowed to use the space without his/her presence. Equipment like Lighting, sound system and smoke machines will only be controlled by our in-house personnel.  Please feel free to approach him/her if you have any queries.
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