Thank you for being here, my dear friend. Besides photographing moments, I have been spending any other day editing and meeting great people like you. Please allow me 1-2 days to be with you. I appreciate your patience and thanks for being awesome. Here are several things that may help you before you get in touch:
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  1. Enquiries for 2018:
    Hong Ray is taking bookings 8-15 months in advance because every year he travels and it is hard to confirm his schedule beyond this period of time.
  2. Availability for 2017:
    Although we are booked out for most hot dates, we may be still available for your date.
    Please use the contact form to email Hong Ray for availability.
Phone: +65 8373 8695

Studio: 63 Hillview Ave, #10-14B Singapore 669569
– By appointment only because we may be out for shoots

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