Happiness, love, fulfillments, gratefulness and other emotions are shown by candid photos that are taken by Hong Ray


Thank you so much for being here.
I am Hong Ray. I am an optimist.
I always like to look at the bright side of things, no matter how bad they are.
Smiling is something that completes me.

Today, I couldn’t be happier, because I had the incredible chance,
and still do, to follow the path I wanted.


Please do take your time to browse through our individual portfolios and experience the candid moments we have witnessed. If you like to know more, lets get in touch!


  • Hi Hong Ray Thank you again for a brilliant day and was great meeting you!! Thank you for all your hard work today and being so patient with us! We definitely enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for making Niall come out of his comfort zone and actually take pictures for a change. We can’t thank you enough for doing this kind gesture for us. Keep in touch, and let us know if you’d like to explore Perth or chill out! Enjoy the cold weather 🙂 Niall & Claudia Perth Prewedding Couple 2016

  • I met with Hong Ray this evening to view and collect my wedding photos. I must say, the actual photos turned out way better than I expected! Hong Ray was a joy to work with on my wedding day. He is humble, down-to-earth, and really puts his heart into capturing beautiful moments (it’s evident from his photos). He captured a lot of heartfelt, emotional, and candid moments… I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the shots as I was not aware that he was taking them at all. If you’re a wedding couple looking for someone with a true passion for photography, I would highly recommend Hong Ray to you! Thanks Hong Ray for the amazing shots! 🙂 Jasmine & Hou Re – Actual Day Celebrations

  • If you are looking for the best photographer to capture “the moments” of the most important event in your life and if the quality of the photos is of the highest importance, look no further. Hong Ray is the guy to go to. I used his photography for both my solemnization and AD and he did a marvelous job. All the emotions, laughters and candid moments were captured so aptly and i wasn’t even aware that Hong Ray was taking them. The result was better than expected and i‘m one happy client. Even my family members were amazed by the photos and exclaimed that for someone so young, he is really talented in capturing the “essence” of the wedding. You can really say that photography is Hong Ray’s passion and he does it with pride! Last but not least, he is very cheerful, down-to-earth, humble and you will feel 100% comfortable with him taking your most beautiful photographs. Serene & Billy- Actual Day Celebrations

  • A young and promising photographer, with good attitude (always punctual!). Hong Ray is ever so down-to-earth and friendly. We feel so comfortable having him as our wedding day photographer. I love the express montage photos he did, really capture the joyous moments. I was amazed by his young age and touched by his passion for photography. I am sure he will flourish with years to come. Zhen Xian –  Actual Day Couple

  • Thank you so much for the great video that you took during our wedding solemnization! You really captured all the significant moments of our very special day, especially the very emotional moments when our loved ones cried and hugged one another in overwhelming joy. It meant so much that these moments were captured and I feel so touched every time I watched the video again. To the couples who are considering Hong Ray, I must say that he would really be worth your while. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you cannot re-enact the same situation with the same emotions so, it is important that someone can capture the special moments. And for that, Hong Ray certainly does a fantastic job! He was able to work together with my photographer seamlessly without compromising on his video quality. Also, he was very observant and knew how to direct the crowd for a great kodak moment! Once again, thank you Hong Ray for making my special day everlasting. Jiahui – Wedding ROM Client

  • “Been wanting to write you a testimonial but we were too busy with our house renovation, but it’s never too late to write! Thanks for being our AD photographer and both of us didn’t not regret our decision in engaging you! We love the pictures and you are really good with kids! We love the vibrant color of the photos and the natural shots you took! Thanks for being there for capturing the moments. The photos really bring back memories every time we look at them.” Shaun and Cynthia – Actual Day Client

  • Dearest Hong Ray ,

    I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you for the service you have rendered on the 11th of March , 2016 as well as the 27th of March , 2016 at Raffles Town Club, Dunearn Ballroom III on the occasion of the wedding of my sister and brother-in-law, JASMIN and PRAVEEMKUMAR.

    I am truly very grateful to have had you as my photographer for the photo shoot as well as the actual day event and you have definitely over-delivered in terms of the quality of your service . I was very busy at the event and was unable to stop to chat to you for long but please know that your excellent service did not go unnoticed . I can truly say that you have been very patient and very professional with the couple and they have given me very positive feedback about you . You made them feel very comfortable and the photographs that you had taken were truly beautiful ! I was truly mesmerised by the canvas photograph as well as the fact that you were able to accommodate my demands within such a short span of time and come up with the photo album in time for the wedding . I could not have asked for more !

    Thank you for your professionalism . There are very few people in the world today who will extend such a high standard of service when it is not their own function . I am very blessed to have had someone like you who treats my function as if it is your own and goes above and beyond for your customer !

    Thank you , Hong Ray .

    Yours Sincerely ,
    Abigail Fernandez

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